Herbes de Provence Chicken + Pinot Noir

I am not a fancy cook but I did make this fancy Herbes de Provence chicken and glazed carrots that was very delicious. (Thanks Home Chef service!) I tried it with two wine pairing options:

Option 1: Sunstone 2016 Cabernet Franc.

Option 2: Summerland 2017 Central Coast Pinot Noir.

The Cabernet Franc is a bit too tannic for the delicate seasonings on the chicken. Against the savory food flavors, the wine loses its fruitiness and becomes overly peppery and green. On their own, these green notes are actually quite tasty, but with the chicken they are just not a great match.

The Pinot Noir, on the other hand, with deep earthy and savory notes, does a wonderful job of bringing out the rosemary and other herbs on the chicken. It is also a nice balance to the sweet glazed carrots. (Side note: this is a fantastic wine for the price – it’s only $25 bucks!)

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