Lime-y Salmon + Pinot Noir

This next salmon dish takes some inspiration from my new favorite flavor of summer: lime! Baked with some new squash I’ve never had before (chayote?), it’s smothered in a lime cilantro sauce to really boost up the flavor.

The wine pairing options: Summerland Pinot Noir vs. Sunstone Grenache.

The Grenache—while absolutely delicious on its own, with bright berry and baking spice notes—is a very mellow companion to the high acidity of the lime-doused salmon. It serves to smooth out the flavors and tone them down a bit.

Meanwhile, this coastal Pinot Noir has sharp notes of cloves and pepper, balanced by a dense earthiness like damp soil, and a dark raspberry finish. The earthy element is absolutely fabulous with zesty lime sauce and the baked squash, while the wine’s vibrant acidity helps to elevate the rich flavors of the salmon.