Salmon + Grenache Blanc

Another night, another salmon meal! We like salmon because it’s hard to mess up and can be seasoned so many ways that you have an endless variety of options and flavors. This dinner was another Home Chef meal, Salmon Rockefeller with green beans and potatoes.

The Rockefeller sauce on top of the salmon is heavier and creamier than how I normally cook salmon. So, instead of my usual Pinot Noir pairing, I tried a wine that would help lift up the density of the dish.

The pairing: Shale Oak Grenache Blanc.

Have you ever had—or heard of—Grenache Blanc? It’s definitely an under-the-radar wine, and I don’t see it around very much. It tends to have bright, clean, flavors of pear and citrus and honeysuckle, with a smooth and juicy finish.

This bottle from Paso Robles has crisp, zesty lemon notes, which taste perfect with the lemon-y Rockefeller sauce and lemon spritz over the meal.

The Grenache Blanc also has refreshing acidity that helps cut through creamy sauce and wash down starchy, cheesy potatoes. And a hint of lemongrass and honeysuckle flowers is a nice complement to the green beans.