Mahi Mahi + Cabernet Sauvignon

Is Cabernet Sauvignon too heavy for fish? Sure, maybe. I tried it anyway with this blackened Mahi Mahi recipe.

The Pairing: Sunstone Cabernet Sauvignon.

This recipe from Home Chef called for seasoning the fish with lots of spices and seasoning, and searing it in a hot pan until the outside got crisp. The risotto also contained charred bell peppers and corn — and much cheese.

Instead of overwhelming the fish, the bold flavors of the Cabernet Sauvignon actually helped bring out the smokey, rich flavors of the fish and risotto. It also had some earthy bell pepper notes that were a great match for the peppers in the risotto.

When it came to the cheesy, creamy risotto, the heartiness and decent acidity of the wine helped cut through everything and wash down all the delicious flavors.

While it’s not always easy to pair a bold red with white fish, this time it turned out ok!