Ravioli + Pinot Noir vs. Barbera

I tried butternut squash ravioli and peas paired with two different red wines: Dreaming Tree Pinot Noir vs. Michele Chiarlo Nizza Cipressi Barbera.

The Barbera has a striking kick of acidity that helps wake up the tomato sauce and boost the flavors of the ravioli.

The Pinot Noir has a bit less acidity and is a more mellow partner with the sauce. It doesn’t add a ton of flavor, but it doesn’t hurt, either. It does get a little bit lost next to the acidity of the sauce, and it’s fruity notes of cherry and strawberry are too much of a contrast for the earthy flavors of butternut squash in the ravioli.

On the other hand, the Barbera has some savory, earthy notes that are great with the squash filling. Neither wine is a terrible option, but I’d vote for Barbera in this pairing!

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