Grilled Cheese + Viognier

What do you do when you’ve stocked up on loaves of bread, then remember you never eat bread, and suddenly need to use it before it goes bad? Grilled cheese!

I got real fancy and made some perfectly crisp, perfectly melty grilled cheese sandwiches with some leftover sourdough and cheddar cheese and pepper jack cheese. Even added tomato soup for dipping!

For melty, cheesy meals, I tend to uncork a white wine that has a bit of acidity but also some creaminess to harmonize with such rich flavors.

The pairing: 2017 2Hawk Viognier.

This wine — Viognier — is an interesting white wine because it has a lot of the crisp, refreshing acidity of something like a Pinot Grigio, but it also has very smooth, elegant floral notes that are a nice match for creamier dishes.

With its bright acidity and lively flower blossom, honey, and apricot notes, this Viognier was a great match for sharp, cheesy cheddar and tomato soup. It was able to cut through the cheese without overpowering it and offered a lovely balance of its flavors.