Tomato Risotto + Pinot Noir

As a lover of all things cheesy and delicious, I’ve got a tasty little risotto recipe in my back pocket for nights when I need to use up some veggies but also want comfort food. This version had cherry tomatoes and artichoke hearts, plus a generous serving of parmesan stirred in.

Oh, and a healthy splash of wine, because you can’t make a sauce in my house without adding wine.

The pairing: 2014 Canihan Exuberance Pinot Noir.

On its own, this wine is delicious, with super lively acidity and a touch of ripe cherry notes that are oh-so-Pinot.

Paired with the risotto, the cherry notes in the wine were a lovely match for the cherry tomatoes and helped enliven the creaminess.

Plus, the high level of acidity in the wine was a great balance for the creamy, cheesy risotto, helping cut through the density and wash it all down smoothly.