Pesto Ravioli + Vermentino

When I made pesto-topped chicken ravioli for dinner, there was only one wine I could think of pairing it with: Vermentino.

Why? This zesty, high-acid Italian white wine shares many characteristics with pesto itself, making this a match made in pasta heaven.

To start, both pesto and this Vermentino wine have incredibly bright “green” notes, meaning they’re reminiscent of fresh herbs and other herbaceous things. Also, both of them are very light and fresh in flavor; the pesto with fresh basil, and the wine with crisp notes of lemon zest.

The zesty citrus and herbal notes in the Vermentino do a wonderful job of bringing out the fresh basil flavors in pesto. The wine also helps elevate the creamy chicken filling in the ravioli. It’s one of those great combinations where the wine and food taste even better together, which is really what I’m all about.

Note: I’ll be posting a full review of this particular wine soon!