3 rules for a perfect mimosa

Now that spring is here and the weather is finally warming up, I think we can all officially get on board the mimosa wagon. Although, to be honest, I’ve been drinking them year-round anyway.

Here are the key things I look for when creating the perfect orange bubbly drink:

1. Use Prosecco as your bubbly base. It’s naturally got fruity, citrus notes that are going to be perfect with OJ. Also, Prosecco is generally way cheaper than other bubbly of comparable quality.

2. If you want gooooooood Prosecco (like, something you don’t necessarily need to mix with orange juice) look for a DOCG Prosecco. This means it comes from the very top of the Prosecco pyramid and has the best quality level. There are 3 DOCG regions to look for: Valdobbiadene, Conegliano, and Asolo.

3. You know that orange juice you’re mixing in? It’s there for color. Not Vitamin C. So don’t overdo it. (Unless you cheaped out and got the worst quality Prosecco, then yeah, load up on the OJ)

Curious how Prosecco is different from Champagne (or champagne-style wine)? Simply put, they’re made differently. They are both sealed during their second fermentation, which causes the wine to absorb carbon dioxide and become bubbly. However, with champagne this happens inside the actual bottle, and as the fermentation finishes, the yeast die and leave behind dead cells called “lees”, which add texture and bread-y flavors to the wine. With Prosecco, the second fermentation happens in a big sealed tank, which holds a lot more volume than individual bottles. That means there is less contact with the lees, so the wine doesn’t get all the bread-y notes of champagne, and retains its fresh fruity qualities instead.