What’s a GSM?

What wine pairs with staying in, eating chocolate, and bingeing Netflix? A GSM of course!

GSM stands for Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre, and it’s a signature blend of the Southern Rhône in France. The ratios of the grapes can vary, which can change the flavor of the wine. Grenache-heavy blends are fruity and spicy, while Syrah-heavy ones are a bit meatier and richer. And more Mourvèdre means even more meatiness. So depending on where it’s from, who made it, and what style they’re going for, GSMs can taste very different from each other—in the best possible way!

The wine I opened is Cru Viceroy GSM from Paso Robles, with 41% Grenache, 41% Syrah, and 18% Mourvèdre. It has silky tannins and lovely blackberry and raspberry fruit notes that taste like cherry candy when paired with a dark chocolate Ghiradelli square. YUM.

If you’ve ever heard of the famous Châteauneuf-du-Pape wine, well, that’s a wine from the Southern part of the Rhône Valley made using the GSM blend. (They tend to be higher in Grenache than Syrah, but that’s just a generalization). If you’re wondering, the Northern Rhône is predominantly 100% Syrah wines with little or no other varieties blended in.