Chicken/Rice + Pinot Noir

I’m currently in the “experimenting” phase of Instant Pot ownership, which means I’ve been throwing a lot of random things into the pot and crossing my fingers they’ll turn out edible! This night I landed on tomato-y rice with chicken, which was almost a mix between paella and risotto. And luckily it WAS edible, and pretty tasty too.

Another night, another Instant Pot adventure

Since there was a lot of seasoning on the rice and chicken, I wanted a wine that would have enough acidity and flavor to match their level, while cutting through the acidic tomatoes. Generally, Pinot Noir is my go-to for lighter chicken dishes, so in this case I tried a Monterey Pinot Noir. It had plenty of bright spice and fruit notes on its own, which brought out the pepper and seasoning on the chicken. Overall, a delicious, flavorful combination!