Spicy Chicken Pasta + Aligoté

Normally, when you’re making an acidic pasta sauce with chicken, you think: oh a bright, cherry-noted Italian wine will be great with this dish! Because Italian wine + tomato sauce = perfection! In this case you’d be wrong, because *surprise!* I threw a few chipotle peppers into the sauce, which rendered it WAY spicier than planned. Like, blowing-your-nose-while-tears-well-up spicy. And so my presumed perfect pairing, 2016 Abbazia Barbera d’ Asti D.O.C.G., competed far too much with the spice in the pasta and in fact made it burn more than before. While a red wine would normally add some nice complexity to chicken pasta, in this case a white wine was the way to go.

So instead, I opened 2017 Jean Boisselier Bourgogne Aligoté, a mineral-y white wine from Burgundy with lovely lemon and white flower notes. It did a nice job of breaking up the spice and tomato sauce and washing down the chicken. FYI – a Pinot Grigio would do well, too.

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