Pesto + Chardonnay

Who loves pesto? I sure do. I heated up some pesto pasta leftovers the other night and had a bottle of Sonoma chardonnay open, and oh man, they are so good together.

Pesto can be really hard to pair with the right wine. Reds tend to bring out weird bitter notes — especially if it’s a tannic wine, and even if it’s a lighter Pinot Noir. And not every white will taste just right.

But a crisp white wine with plenty of acidity, bright citrus notes, and a slight creaminess — like this Chardonnay from Sonoma — brings out all the lovely flavors of the pesto and makes it just taste so good. Other options could be: Pinot Grigio, dry Riesling, or Vermentino.

Wine: Alma de Cattelya Chardonnay ($26)