Lebanese Food Pairings

One of my favorite take-out dinners is Lebanese food, especially chicken kebabs with rice and hummus. But when it comes to wine pairings with Mediterranean food, the trick is to find something that will complement and enhance all the spices and flavors, without overpowering them or making them feel tough and astringent.

There are two great ways you could go:

A high-acid, smooth white

This option has a high level of acidity that will help cut through creamy ingredients, and fresh floral notes to highlight the herbaceous flavors in the seasoning. It tastes great with halloumi and feta cheese, and makes the seasonings on the chicken stand out. The acidity also matches tabouleh salad and brings out the garlic and parsley flavors.

Try: Portuguese white such as Casa Américo Reserva Branco, Gruner Vetliner or Chenin Blanc.

A spicy, velvety red

If you go with a red wine, try a dark, velvety option with smooth tannins, and chocolate and pepper notes. This type of wine helps bring out smokey flavors and seasonings in chicken or beef, and adds a lovely layer with garlicky flavors like the sauce and hummus.

Try: Washington Syrah such as Saviah Cellars The Stones Speak Syrah or a rich Grenache like Epiphany Grenache.