Cheeseboard 101

Now that the days are getting warmer and the sun is shining hotter, that means pool days and cheeseboards and chilled wines are in my future.

I will use any excuse to throw together a delicious cheeseboard and drink rosé all day by the pool. It’s also not as easy as it seems to make a picture-perfect cheeseboard… Mine is by no means expert-level status, even though I’ve been making and eating these for years. For me though, the key is to have a variety of cheeses and textures to munch on.

Here are a few other rules I tend to follow when assembling a cheeseboard for a big party, small gathering, or even just myself:

  1. Always have a creamy cheese like brie.
  2. Always have a contasting flavor like sharp cheddar.
  3. Criss-crossing your manchego slices prevents them from sticking together and makes them easier to grab!
  4. Get some veggies on there, whether it’s carrots or grape tomatoes.
  5. Dried fruit is always a bonus because it’s sweet without being too sugary.
  6. Bottomless glasses of rosé are a MUST!! Rosé is a perfect cheeseboard wine becasue it has great acidity to balance creamy or sharp cheeses, with bright red fruit notes to complement any fruits or nuts on your board. I’ve recently been getting Bonterra Organic Rosé for pool days and cheese pairings.
  7. Serving too much is better than not having enough. Just a general rule in my book!