Potato Curry + Sauvignon Blanc

Time to use up that old curry sauce in the back of the pantry? Along with a handful of potatoes and carrots, I made use of a bottle that was certainly on the verge of expiration… if not already past its prime. It ended up making a super tasty dinner though. The secret ingredient? A splash of white wine to give it an extra kick!

Not only did some wine help the sauce go farther, it also enhanced the spices and other flavors by adding some extra acidity to the mix. Even better, it made for a perfect glass of wine with the meal!

The pairing: Kono Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand.

This wine is perfect for curry. It’s so bright and zesty, with sharp lemon and lime notes, plus super high acidity. All that acidity helps cut through the curry and counteract the spiciness. The crisp citrusy notes add a lovely layer of flavor to the sauce and help bring out the spices and brighten the potatoes. A win in my book!